Virtual Events

A Socially Responsible Way To Meet

Live broadcasting over the Internet is one of the most effective ways to deliver attention-grabbing communications to audiences worldwide. Whether for marketing, customer service, corporate announcements, professional development and training, or live entertainment

With social distancing making it impossible to meet in large groups or to travel for work or personal reasons, JSDigital has launched Virtual Event services.  The concept is simple. We produce a broadcast style livestream of your event, allowing your guests to attend from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Your event is secure, easy to share and distributed one or more of many proven platforms that are used millions of times a day all over the world.  

Using up to 4 cameras we produce a multicam event including graphics, titles, animations, speaker notes and other visual aids required to communicate with your audience.   And it's not just a broadcast!  Your audience can interact through live chat and the broadcast can be saved, replayed, edited and treated just like any other video.

JSDigital's Virtual Events are ideal for a wide range of events including:  Corporate Events, Weddings, School Graduations, Funerals, Birthday Parties or any other event that would otherwise have a large gathering or the absence of guests due to social distance or travel.

Not only are you able to host an event during this time of social distancing or salvage your previously planned event in the face of external measures, there are direct benefits to online events.  

  • Add a high level of production value to your communications

  • Your event is available to more people

  • You can save on costs like travel, vendors, and venues

  • You can leverage social media tools and chats to engage and keep the conversation going

  • Let us worry about the tech side while you focus on what you do best...provide the content

Let us help you to execute your Socially Responsible event, contact us to discuss.


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